On the shelves at Wohlners Neighborhood Grocery and Deli in Midtown, fresh Gather Urban Farm BASIL! Traveled only 1.8 miles from Gather’s Urban Farm.

Hurry! Grab them before they’re gone!

3253 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68131.

Gather Urban Farms

Urban Farm-to-table

Hydroponically grown greens on-site year round

Welcome to Gather’s very own urban vertical farm, located under Gather. We grow all types of greens, sweet basil, peppery arugula, crispy kale and more. Incredibly fresh and a true farm-to-table experience.

Benefits of a vertical farm:

  • Using only the purest of water through reverse osmosis. 95% less water usage than conventional farming
  • Food travels 25 Feet vs 2,500 miles (Reduces carbon footprint)
  • Superior nutrient density
  • Protected environment
  • Grown year-round (Even in heart of Winter)
  • Sustainably grown
  • No pesticides
  • 1 acre grows equivalent of 390 acres traditional farming

Visit the viewing room downstairs at any point and time. Enjoy a cocktail while talking with staff. See Omaha’s first and only restaurant with a vertical farm.

What’s Growing

Arugula – Peppery powerful punch of flavor.

Basil – Sweet and savory, with hints of mint, anise, and pepper. This aromatic herb ultimately adds a hint of sweetness to any dish.

Benefine Frisee Endive – Ruffled head of light green leaves, deeply cut and toothed. At maturity, its heart blanches to reveal creamy, sweet leaves.

Chives – Common culinary herbs to provide a mild onion flavor, with the leaves used fresh or dried.

Kaleabration – Hearty colorful purple and green kale with a watery texture. Less tough than traditional kale. Easier to chew on its own.

Mint – Subtly sweet taste and cool sensation that comes from the menthol contained in the herb.

Mustard Greens – Peppery-tasting greens that have a strong bitter, spicy flavor.

Vibrant Wasabi Mustard Greens – Has a peppery bite. Heat does not linger on the palate, but simply provides a sharp cleansing note with accents of horseradish and mustard.

Flat Leaf Parsley – Green herb with serrated leaves and a clean, slightly peppery taste. Its flavor is stronger than that of its ruffled cousin, curly-leaf parsley.

Powerhouse Leafy Romaine – Baby-leaf red romaine. Glossy, dark red, upright leaves with crisp texture. More tender than regular romaine and a little sweeter.

Premium Mix Greens – Colorful purple and green boc choi, scarlet frills, mustard greens, and wasabi mustard greens.

Ruby Red Orach – Leaves are deep purple and have a spinach-like flavor.

Romaine Lettuce – A very refreshing and juicy taste. Very crisp, ​with a slightly bitter taste. Not as sweet as iceberg, but not as “grassy” as spinach.

Watercress – A spicy scent with a slightly bitter, peppery, and tangy flavor when fresh. When cooked, the peppery flavor will slightly diminish.