Growing NOW!

At Gather we like to push the envelope of what can done in the restaurant environment. We’d like to introduce you to our urban vertical farm, Old Market Greens, located in the basement of Gather-Omaha.

It’s simple

We wanted to deliver the freshest dishes possible. When we saw the 1108 building, we fell in love with it’s space. Low and behold, the basement was just as big. “What could we use it for?”. Well why not grow greens? After researching the idea, we found it’s was possible and best of all, it was healthier and sustainable vs. traditional farming.

Fresh is an understatement

Why wait for produce that was fresh 3 days ago? Old Market Greens is right here – harvested and delivered fresh from the farm to your plate in minutes. What a concept!

By using reverse osmosis, we create the purist water possible for our greens. This allows us to use 95% less water than traditional farming. Zero pesticides. Superior nutrient density you can taste. Harvested year-round, even in winter season. Fresh greens 24/7/365.

See for yourself

We are so proud of our process, we’ve actually built a viewing room. Now you can see exactly where your greens came from. Taste a sample of the days harvest. Want some greens to-go? No problem. Just tell us what you want and take it to-go.

We are Omaha’s FIRST and ONLY Urban Vertical Farm.

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