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Progress for 08/09/2021

Bar top is being installed. Chairs and table tops are in. Kitchen is really taking shape. Behind the glass partition there will be 3 vertical pods from downstairs.

Progress for 08/01/2021

Things are happening so fast now, we can’t keep up posts on our blog. Flooring is in. Don’t mind the brown paper covering the floor, it’s for protection during the build-out. Tile work is done on the bar and kitchen walls. Oh my, fresh greens from Old Market Greens downstairs make all the difference! We’ve […]

Progress for 07/20/2021

The front outdoor sign is done! Thanks to American Lift & Sign Company for the build. Install should be Thursday. The growing towers for The Vertical Farm located in the basement of Gather-Omaha are built. We have some finishing up details, but planting will happen soon. The Vertical Farm will have a view room. You […]

Progress for 07/18/2021

We’re getting so, very close. Getting to all the details. Front room is drywalled and painted. The front room will have a wonderful view of outside activities on Howard Street with large picture windows. Kitchen appliances have started to arrive. The kitchen will be fully visible from the front room. Bar has been tiled and […]

Progress for 07/01/2021

Happy July all! Progress is really happening fast at Gather In Omaha. Ceiling is painted, lighting is being installed. Drywall is done and painting has started. Front patio area is all cleared out. Next tweek he concrete will be poured. It’s starting to look like a restaurant!

Progress for 06/17/2021

Bonus update. The elevator is finished. This will carry the vertical pods from Old Market Greens under the restaurant to the kitchen area. Absolutely the freshest greens EVER! The bathrooms use a dimensional type of tile. Pretty cool. The tiles are the same size, but have varying thicknesses throughout the tile, giving them a “dimensional” […]

Progress for 05/28/2021

Pictures don’t show it, but it’s coming together. Central air and heat is working. Most of the drywall is completed. As we’ve been building, we’re discovering lots of historical pieces of architecture throughout the building that have been covered up over time. One of our favorites is the center ceiling beam. It had been painted […]

Progress for 05/14/2021

Building is really starting to cook. Most of the drywall and electrical is finished. We also have a back deck area along with front street seating. Bonus for you! Also did you know Gather In Omaha will have a vertical farm in the basement (a.k.a. Old Market Greens)? Oh yeah! It will supply Gather In […]